Our Team

We are truly a team at Lancaster Management Services. Our team works together to ensure our clients have a trusted partner that they can rely on for each show in every city for many years. We believe in our vision of creating a great and valuable service in every market. Always pressing forward to collobrate, to innovate and pioneer new ways to ensure we deliver best practices for every single job. Each one of our team members embodies a leadership quality that cannot be taught. It is our firm belief, we as a team represent our company’s position in the industry as a leader of innovation and the “new generation “of labor services.

Patrick Lancaster
Jerry LeBlanc
Executive Vice President
Skip Gibbs
Assistant Vice President of Operations / Director of Midwest Operations
Mike Muir
VP of Operations / New Orleans City Manager
Rick Powell
Chief Financial Officer
Bo Zimmerman
Senior Account Executive
Joe Hawkins
Account Executive
Brian Pearce
National Operations Manager
Cara Roach
Senior Account Manager
Brent Auler
Operations Coordinator
Nikki Rothrock
Invoicing/Expense Specialist
Stasi Daniels
Payroll Specialist
Tori Kirk
Account Manager
Brandy Stanisic
Account Manager
Kati Zimmerman
Account Manager
John Miralli
Director of West Coast Operations / Las Vegas City Manager
Justin Keipper
Director of Southeast Operations / Florida Manager
Chat Woodliff
Houston/Dallas Area Manager
Stephen Lund
Carolina Regional Manager
Will Little
Nashville Area Manager
Mark Cullen
Detroit City Manager
Tyler Raymond
Southern California Manager
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