Operations Team

We are more than a team here are Lancaster Management Services, we are a partnership! We work with each department closely to ensure our clients are taken care of and take pride in each job. We have outstanding employees who care about our clients and are “life-ers” as we say that love this industry and what we do.

Mike Muir
VP of Operations and New Orleans City Manager
Skip Gibbs
Assistant Vice President - Director of Midwest Operations
Brian Pearce
National Operations Manager
Brent Auler
Operations Coordinator
John Miralli
Director of West Coast Operations - Las Vegas City Manager
Justin Keipper
Director of Southeast Operations - Florida Manager
Chat Woodliff
Houston/Dallas Area Manager
Will Little
Nashville Area Manager
Mark Cullen
Detroit City Manager
Stephen Lund
Carolina Regional Manager
Tyler Raymond
Southern California Manager
David Harmon
Special Operations Manager
Bill Tiedeman
Denver City Manager
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