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Lancaster Management Services

We provide quality labor services for install and dismantle of trade show exhibits and flooring along with, permanent installs at events, stores, and museums. Our commitment to knowing our way around the small markets has opened up full service cities in over 30 locations. We are your connection to the tools to do more with less, drive efficiency, eliminate uncertainty, and enhance the value of your trade show and permanent install appearance and experience.
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Market Centers
There are more than 600 small markets and venues in America. Over the past 15 years, Lancaster Management Services, Inc. has come to know these markets as home. Have you ever heard of Peoria or Harrisburg? Or have you ever tried to get a national company to service you and your clients in Charlotte or Pittsburgh? What was your experience in St. Louis and Nashville? Have you been to the Indy 500 or seen the San Antonio River Walk? How did Denver treat you? Or when you were in Cleveland, how did it go? Several of our clients, when first approached were asked these questions and most laughed and replied, "I have been to those markets but I was too busy trying to get caught up because nothing seemed to go right for me". We can assure our clients, for this exact reason, Lancaster Management Services, Inc. was born and has been growing strong ever since.
Customers Testimonials
" Every time we work with Lancaster we think we've worked with the best crew ever."
Jeffrey Baker GaC President, CCO
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“Lancaster Management provides exceptional professional service for all of our tradeshow and event needs. Their industry knowledge and experience enables me to plan, manage and execute every show with efficiency and strong peace of mind. This team goes above and beyond expectations to deliver A+ service.”
Joseph Soriano Senior Event & Trade Show Mgr.
3Sthree has been working with Lancaster Management for over 5 years. Over those years the entire team at Lancaster has proven time after time we can count on them for anything we might need, big or small. A rarity in this business…
Sean Diiullo, President
Our Commitment
Our commitment to knowing our way around the small markets has opened up full service cities in over 30 locations. With company vehicles, equipment, and the hand picked talent of these markets, it has become second nature to deal with the struggles of small markets. See anyone can get a few ladders and shirts in Orlando, Las Vegas, Chicago and Los Angeles. This, with competitive rates and talented guys, an I and D company was born. You, as a client, now have another choice in the major markets of America. Other companies may tell you they are national and can help anywhere. But which of those major companies, will be there for you when you hit St. Louis or Kansas City? Better yet, who will spend time on your small portable in Knoxville or Charleston? When you have a job in Myrtle Beach in September or El Paso in May, which company will be proactive about getting you the best service and making sure your client is happy regardless of the business or the season? To most major companies, this is just a portable and most commission based salespeople just don't understand the value of each and every client. Our team of veterans and professionals take each and every job serious with the same idea of service in mind, whether it is a table top in Portland or a portable in Indianapolis. We know, as you do, that a successful table top can lead to a ground breaking double decker for your company which will lead to the same for ours. The point is, regardless of the city your client attends, they have asked you for help and with each job you are putting your company's reputation and future on the line. We are there to be your eyes, ears and hands on the job! Learn More
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